Diving on the Big Island

We are having a great time on the Big Island. Lots of walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, kayaking, biking, and diving. Plus this time of year, there are whales everywhere — we can see them from our Lanai and from the dive boat and we can hear the whale song while diving and even snorkeling.

I have shared some photos and videos from diving and other adventures.

Frog Fish Moving — I have never seen them move before. This is so cool!
Eagle Ray — listen to whale songs in the background


Beautiful sunsets almost every night

Free swimming eel
Fish with whale song
Flame fish — these fish are rare, fairly small, and shy
Eel with whale song in the background — you usually see eels like this — with just their heads sticking out

Turtle cleaning — the tangs clean algae off the turtles
Helmet Conch eating a sea urchin
Unicorn Fish
Trigger Fish
Spanish Dancer egg sack
More whales — spouting
And even more whales!
The Mauna Kea Hotel up the road from us attracts Manta Rays. You can usually see them from shore, though we have also gone diving to see them. These are from shore.
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