Asian Fusion Thanksgiving

I told a few people about our Asian Fusion Thanksgiving dinner. Though several months late, I am sharing the menu.

We had traditional roasted turkey, bread stuffing, and fresh cranberry sauce made with orange. Desserts were also traditional – made by my guests: pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and apple pie.

But the rest of the meal was unique – thanks to both of my children for helping conceive and implement the meal!

  • “Peking Turkey” – we marinated the turkey in Chinese spices overnight. We had a sticky rice and Asian mushroom stuffing as well as home-made Chinese steamed buns. We made a cranberry hoisin sauce – fresh cranberry cooked with soy, rice vinegar, garlic, molasses, sesame oil, and Chinese Five spice. Julienned scallions were served on the side. We cooked the turkey on the Weber, giving it a lovely smoked flavor.
  • We copied a salad we had on our trip to Myanmar: watercress and grapefruit with crispy shallots tossed with the leftover shallot oil. The recipe calls for pomelo and chopped peanuts. I could not get pomelo so substituted grapefruit. As one guest has peanut allergies, I substituted pumpkin seeds which was a nice autumn touch.
  • Modifying a recipe in my Momofuku cookbook, I roasted Brussel sprouts and squash cubes with a little oil, salt, pepper, and sugar. I purchased some kimchi at an Asian grocery and ground it up into a paste in the blender. I tossed the kimchi sauce on the vegetables. Delicious with spicy and sweet together.
  • My son and I went to Animal in LA where we had marinated beets with fresh horseradish on a goat cheese sauce. This dish inspired me. I roasted yellow beets then marinated them several days in soy, rice vinegar, ginger, and sesame oil. Shiso is a Japanese leaf that you get with sushi. It comes in green and purple. I have never been able to get the green one to grow in my garden but the purple one is prolific. I used the purple shiso as salad “greens,” placed the yellow beets on top, and garnished with freshly grated wasabi.
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