Thanksgiving Dinner — “I’m Stuffed”

So you would not think you’d need a theme for Thanksgiving dinner but as my son and I started to plan the menu, we started talking about stuffing. And how at the end of the meal, everyone says, “i’m stuffed.” So we went with a “Stuffed” theme.


  • Stuffed olives
  • Stuffed dumplings brought by a guest from Din Tai Fung
  • Jalepenos stuffed with squash, bacon, and maple syrup — really good and really spicy
  • Asian Stuffed Mushrooms (see below for the recipe)


  • Roasted heritage turkey with wild mushroom, leek, dried cranberry bread stuffing
  • Smoked heritage turkey (on the Weber) with Cajun corn bread stuffing with sausage
  • Truffled stuffed (twice-baked) potatoes
  • Asian eggplants stuffed with Moroccan flavored ground lamb with mint and pine nuts
  • Endive stuffed with apple-mint salad


A good friend brought dessert. She also got into the stuffed theme:

  • Chocolate cupcakes stuffed with bourbon cream
  • Pecan pie with pecans stuffed in the crust
  • Angel food cake stuffed with home-made sorbet

Asian Stuffed Mushroom

24 crimini mushrooms
Spray oil
Soy sauce
Fresh ginger, grated
Rice vinegar
1/3 lb cooked crab meat, chopped
2 scallion, diced
3 inches daikon radish grated
Ponzu sauce
Sesame oil
Tobiko (flying fish roe)

  1. Spray a little olive oil on the mushrooms and roast them at 350F until they lose their water.
  2. Marinate the mushrooms overnight or at least 4 hours in soy, fresh ginger, and rice vinegar
  3. Mix the crab with daikon, scallion, fresh ginger, sesame oil and ponzu sauce (if you don’t have ponzu, use a little soy plus lemon) — marinate also at least 4 hours
  4. Bring mushrooms to room temperature.
  5. Mix 3 T tobiko with 1 T mayonnaise
  6. Assemble the mushrooms — a spoonful of crab on each, then top with a bit of the tobiko mixture.
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