How printing new business cards made me reflect on what I do and why I do it

Small things can turn into big things. You know, the broken oven that turns into a kitchen remodel.

So, I am running out of business cards. Time to reprint. And reprinting business cards has led me to reflect on what I do and why I do it.

What do I want my new business cards to say? I don’t have an official title and a company since I am essentially a serial board member. I think people ask me to join their boards because I am a strategic and effective leader, because I get things done, because I am passionate, because I advocate for positive change – for my community and for the organizations I work with.

“Community volunteer” sounds like someone who does bake sales and auctions. Definitely not me. I looked on LinkedIn. Lots of people use “Nonprofit Organization Management Professional.” Sounds boring. No passion.

My old cards are – well — old. They have my name and “An Advocate for Children” underneath. They worked great since almost everything I did centered around early learning and education.  I still focus mostly on education. I believe that we must provide every child with an excellent education. Every child should graduate from high school able to have many great choices and opportunities to succeed in life. Our school systems are unequal – in funding, in expectations, in results.  So I work with organizations dedicated to improving our current system and providing support to kids and families who need it most.

But I’ve branched out. I’ve been involved in developing engaged philanthropists. I strongly believe those of us who have been blessed by birth or by having smart ideas and working hard or by simple luck have a responsibility to help others have the same chance to flourish.

I’ve also been interested in how we can restore civility and fairness to politics and government. So I have started working with groups focused civil discourse, fair elections, and campaign finance.

And then there’s reproductive rights. As barriers are raised over and over in more and more extreme ways, I’ve felt that I have to be engaged and speak out. Every woman, every family should have scientifically based information and full access to make their own reproductive choices.

Now how do you put all that on a business card?

So I’ve been thinking. Why do I do all these things? What do I want to accomplish? And it all comes down to opportunity. To fairness. What can I do to ensure that everyone has an equal chance to thrive and to have good choices? They need education. They need to be able to decide when and how many children they have. They need to be able to participate in our political process.

So I’ve been playing around with various titles.  And here’s what I came up with:

Change Leader

Creating Opportunity through Advocacy, Engagement, and Philanthropy


Change Leader

Creating Opportunity for Kids, Women, and Families

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